Junior Ambassadors

Minnesota Cohort

Jasleen Bains

Jasleen Bains is a student at Wayzata Central Middle School and a soon to be freshman at Wayzata High School. She has always been interested in STEM, and when she was presented an opportunity to share her knowledge and interest, she was excited to join ThinkSTEAM. During her free time, some hobbies she enjoys are writing, reading and going outside during the summer for walks or long bike rides. She hopes to experience new things and have more opportunities to communicate with others through ThinkSTEAM. A fun fact about Jasleen is that she has participated in many sports including swimming, tennis, running, basketball, and skiing.

Rakshitha Malli Meganathan

Rakshitha is an eighth grader at South View Middle School in Edina. She enjoys doing anything related to STEM. She also loves to run and dance. Her favorite sports are track and field and badminton. In the future she hopes to work in the aerospace field. A fun fact about Rakshitha is that she doesn’t like to sleep in the daytime and tries to avoid it at all costs!

Dhriti Rayadurgam

Dhriti Rayadurgam is an 8th grader at Wayzata Central Middle School in Plymouth, Minnesota. She has always had a passion for music and the arts as she has been pursuing her passion for Bharatanatyam dance and Indian Carnatic Vocal Music for many years. She also plays the piano and the violin. She lives with her parents and older sister and values spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys exploring many different aspects of STEAM through workshops and camps that she has attended and hopes to help others get inspired to be more involved in stem and the arts as well as continue to learn more herself through this path. A fun fact about Dhriti is that she enjoys making really cool cards for birthdays and other celebrations.