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KEM Girls – Eva Fava-Rodrigues

July 12, 2016 - ThinkBIG Challenge -

Hello, I am Eva Fava-Rodrigues from the KEM Girls. I liked this experience for many reasons.

The Interviews: I liked interviewing girls and boys because it was nice to know how they really felt about the subject. I had fun staying after school with my friends and others. They really wanted to share how they felt about girls in STEAM fields.

The Experiments: I really liked doing the experiments. I love STEAM in the real world so I liked showing cool things you can do in STEAM instead of what people think are just math or science problems, building things with wood, or using your computer to write articles and search for more information. It’s much more than that and you can have a lot of fun too – like my volcano experiment and dissecting the sheep’s heart and viewing the parts on a digital microscope.

The Planning: When the group and I were coming up with what to do, we would brainstorm all the time. I brought the experiments, Khushbu came up with interview questions with us, and Margaret got people interested. We all did separate things but came together to make them awesome and we had a lot of fun with it.

The Influences: This competition has influenced me to open up a club at school that specializes in STEAM making wonderful products, websites, and virtual/online gaming. I am recently in a coding class outside of school so I’m going to use my knowledge on the subject and put it into the club. This isn’t the last time you have seen the KEM girls. We’ll be back next year and even more competitive than ever before.

Thank you for providing the experience and competition for girls in fields many think are just for boys!


~Eva Fava-Rodrigues


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