Mission and Leadership




Our mission is to educate, encourage, and empower K-12 girls to excel through programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and the Arts.




Jothi M.Ramaswamy

Founder & CEO, Chair of Board

Jothi Ramaswamy founded ThinkSTEAM in 2015. She is a rising sophomore at Lakeland High School in New York who is a strong supporter of STEAM for girls. She loves coding and science and wants to inspire girls in her community to thrive in STEAM disciplines.

Our Board of Directors

Patricia Viggiano

Patricia Viggiano joined the Board in 2015. She is the Director of Curriculum – Science at Lakeland Central School District.

Akshay Ramaswamy

Akshay joined the board in 2015. He is a student at Stanford University in the Class of 2019 studying biomedical computation. Akshay is also Director of Non-Profit Partnerships for Indians4SocialChange Inc., He is an avid supporter of environmental conservation and gender equality, and is interested in integrating activism with social entrepreneurship.

Priten Shah

Priten H. Shah joined the board in 2015. He is a student at Harvard College in the Class of 2018. Priten founded and runs United 4 Social Change Inc., a platform for a global community that works to spur social change by training young activists. He is the owner of Suddha.Marketing LLC, a small business marketing and web development firm. He is the CEO of Pain, Passion, and Pursuit Inc., a consulting company that runs projects in college admissions and non-profits.

Sujatha Sambandam

Sujatha joined the Board in 2015. She  has worked in the programming industry for over 15 years, and is a strong supporter of STEM awareness for girls.

Daniel Soosai 

Daniel A. Soosai joined the board in December 2015. He has a MBA from Wharton and MS from University of Arizona.  He currently works at Facebook as the Head of Advertising Insights. Daniel is passionate about kids education.

Our Advisory Board

Lisa Wexler

Lisa Wexler joined the advisory board in December 2015. Lisa is the Probate Judge of the Westport Court in ConnecticutT, and the creator and host of the radio shows, “The Lisa Wexler Show” and “The Acorda Scientific Excellence Award” Program. She is an attorney admitted to the Bars in Connecticut and New York and graduated from The Johns Hopkins University and The New York University School of Law. 

Andrea Cupertino

Andrea D. Cupertino joined the advisory board in December 2015. She has a BS in Mathematics, BA in Computer Science, and an MA in Computer Science.  She works in the Information Technology Department of PepsiCo.  She has been extremely passionate about Science and Math.  Her other interests include reading, crocheting, exercising, and seeing Broadway plays.

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