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“Should the planet be a design project?”

August 1, 2019 - Uncategorized -

Hello everyone!

This is Sofia from Tucson, Arizona. I just had the incredible opportunity to visit the Architecture and Design Museum (ArkDes) in Stockholm, Sweden. The building’s own modern architecture illustrates the captivating abilities of artistic design when blended with the fields of math and engineering. Scandinavia is famous for its modern architecture and design aesthetic of which America architects have been inspired by.
Within the museum there was a plethora of some of the most innovative products of this century, and even many prototypes that point to the future. From Tesla superchargers to a human-made leaf, these designs, no matter how small in size, have changed the world we lived in. This is done through, for example, providing new points of hope for climate change and green living to more accessible living for those with disabilities, etc… I included a picture of the human-made leaf as I believe the beauty of its aesthetic matched with its incredible functionality well illustrates the blending of technology, science, and art. The leaf is actually made from a silk protein that was found to have photosynthetic abilities, like that if a chloroplast. This allows for it to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. When multiplied, this leaf has the potential to decelerate climate change. It’s hard to imagine someone had the idea to develop this!
I also included a picture of a model of the new Apple building, known as the Spaceship. Hidden through its eco-friendly incorporation of vegetation to the landscape and in the shape of an open circle, the building has pioneered a never before seen architectural style. With all the buildings that have been designed, it’s incredible to think there are still so many new avenues and designs waiting to be created!
The design and artful creation, ingenious engineering, and imaginative capabilities of these products were all inspiring. When you realize that the great majority of these products didn’t exist a few years ago, it sheds light on a future with currently inconceivable technologies- a future we will be a part of, a future we can help build. Via the ThinkSTEAM blog I look forward to read about all that you create and design, or your favorite product designs!

Keep Creating!
Sofia Melnychuck
Arizona Student Ambassador


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