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Why is STEAM important?

July 29, 2016 - Uncategorized -

Hello my name is Francesca Ungaro. I am thirteen years old and I attend Peekskill Middle School in New York. I think that STEAM is important because it has to do with many things that can change the world. Without STEAM (science,technology,engineering,art,and math) this world would be unsafe and chaotic. I first got involved with STEAM when I was chosen for the IBM camp this summer of 2016. When I first got chosen, I did not want to go at all but the moment I stepped into the camp I was honored. I was able to accomplish so much more in four days than I do my entire days of living and being in school. I got to meet so many people and every one of them told me and the other campers that at IBM you are able to use STEAM and one day you can possibly change this world into a better place. I never thought that IBM was so important until I realized that OMG I can make a difference in the world. I got to see and do the craziest and coolest things ever. I got make and see robots and it was outstanding how these robots work! I also got to make many cool things with polymers and liquid nitrogen. Another amazing thing I did at the IBM camp was study the most amazing thing ever CHOCOLATE!! All of these things have to do with STEAM and they are so fun to do, see, and learn. I thought walking in there it was going to be stuff I already learned in school like equations, history, etc. I was completely wrong. I got to learn things that had me looking at my future as something challenging but extremely exciting. Many other smart and determined girls and I got to realize that not many other girls go into these types of fields. We must talk to each other about our ideas and change the world together and let no one tell us we can’t because being in the IBM camp let me know how much potential I have and so many other girls like me have. Work hard and always be yourself!

~ Francesca Ungaro, 13 Years Old, Peekskill Middle School


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