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A Million Dollars

November 3, 2015 - Elementary, Math -

In third grade, I had a project called the million dollar project. Students had to pretend to spend a million dollars on things they would need as an older child and an adult, such as a college education, car and house, and a family vacation. They could use leftover money for other things they wanted. I am writing about this because the project was fun and taught me a lot about money and where math comes into it. I learned a lot about different average prices of the things I was required to buy. Some of the things I spent my money on were – an education at the University of Washington, a small house in Kirkland, an Acura MDX for my car, and a vacation to Disneyland. My work on the project taught me most of what I know today about money management. I learned about banks and other things related to finance. The project was not only fun, but a great source of knowledge.

About the Author:


Kavya Rao is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She lives in Washington State and loves nature, books, soccer, art, and chocolate. She is learning violin, piano, and bharatanatyam (an Indian dance). In her free time, she draws, reads books, and goes outside.

  • Krishnaswamy RamarathnamReply

    A Nice Project for young minds to get conversant with financial aspects . Lucidly presented

    November 5, 2015
  • Alliyah Steele (Carol's granddaughter.)Reply

    Hi Jothi! It's Alliyah. (It's Alliyah remember me from the wearable workshop?) Thank you so much for putting the workshop together. I really enjoyed it and I like that it promotes girls to enter male dominated fields. I shared your program with many of the teachers from Putnam valley and the superintendent. they were very interested and may send more girls from my school to ThinkSTEAM. (They also may make a donation) Actually, the superintendent would like me to eventually make a presentation about ThinkSTEAM and stem! Keep up the great work. Maybe in the future ThinkSTEAM could come to Putnam Valley Middle School. I'd also like to recommend kick starter, news twelve, and silicon park for additional funding. I'll see you at the 3-D printing workshop. Thanks!!!

    November 16, 2015

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