Before the Workshop

Please make sure to fill out these forms prior to the workshop

Pre-Workshop Survey

Student Profile 

Student Release Form (Mandatory)

Download Student Release Form

Upload Student Release Form

Upload Instructions:

Method 1:

  1. Download Student Release Form Here 
  2. Do not double click the link to open (Electronically signing option gets disabled)
  3. Download and Save the form to your local drive. 
  4. Right click, select Open with, select Adobe Reader to open the form.
  5. Electronically sign and date form
  6. Save it as studentname_releaseform.pdf
    • ex: jothiramaswamy_releaseform.pdf
  7. Click Upload Here and upload the saved document in the page that opens.

Method 2:

  1. Download Student Release Form Here
  2. Print and sign the release form
  3. Scan and send it to

After the Workshop

Post Workshop Survey