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KEM Girls – Khushbu Dulani

July 12, 2016 - ThinkBIG Challenge -

Hello, this is Khushbu Dulani on behalf of my teammates, Eva and Margaret. Our video was the runner-up, as you know, and we are all so psyched! The main goal was to acknowledge that so many of us girls have been disparaged by people in society to not do STEAM. We should all stick together and not let labels such as geek, nerd, cool, or popular affect our personalities

The journey getting to this video has been incredible. We had 2 questions that we asked each other: 

   Have you ever seen or know a story of when a boy told a girl that she couldn’t do something (related to steam) because she was a girl? What advice would you give to these girls? 

   Have you ever felt like your options in steam are limited because you are a girl?

The questions for the boy we interviewed were:

  What do you expect a girl to be interested in?

  Do you expect girls to be obsessed with a celebrity or her image?

  Do you expect them to be weak?

  Would you be surprised if a girl showed interest in science or steam?

We interviewed a successful young woman as well who works in the steam field, as she is a coding teacher. we hope that any girls out there watching be encouraged by, not only ours, but all they videos, because they give you hope to never let labels get in the way!

Our goal was to prove that girls should never be underestimated in steam or anything, for that matter and we hope that you enjoy!

-KEM Girls



~Khushbu Dulani


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