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Thinkletes – ThinkBIG Challenge 2017 – Process and Tools Used

December 9, 2017 - Uncategorized -

The thoughts first started out with examples for each topic as we had in our video. Throughout we also wanted to show examples of people for each topic, so we researched for people that have jobs in these topics. For the ending, after our pictures, the message: Encourage STEAM for girls, was added because that was the real reason this challenge was made. We also added it on for people who didn’t know about this challenge and were still watching it so they could also encourage STEAM for girls.

We voiced over because, videos wanting people to read while also actually watching the video were kind of annoying. We wanted to either voice over, or just put the words so that they could read it. For most of the video, we justed voiced over until it came to the part where our pictures came up. When this happened, we just put the names in.
We used Windows Movie Maker to edit the video and used the song called Passion by Jim Yosef and Alex Skrindro from the channel NoCopyrightSound on youtube.


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